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In 1975 International Foodstuffs Co (IFFCO) was established in
Sharjah, UAE, for trading frozen & dry foodstuffs, commodities,
fruits and eggs. Manufacturing began in 1981 with a meat
processing factory. IFFCO entered the edible oil business,
Emirates Refining Co in 1990. In 1992 Emirates Polymers was
established to manufacture food grade PVC compounds. The
Group also started its wheat milling operations under Emigrain in
1996. In 2004 the Group established a factory for preform vessels
under the company name Empol.

Having evolved into a manufacturer and preferred supplier of
multiple categories ranging from oils and fats to packaging,
IFFCO’s vision is to establish it’s Taste Systems business with a
focus on Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

At present IFFCO Group worldwide comprises 32 offices and 30
manufacturing facilities in 10 countries.

Key business segments

    •  Impulse Foods
    •  Agri Business
    •  Oils & Fats
    •  Packaging
    •  Chemicals
    •  Sales and Distribution

The Group delivers value to consumers in the Middle East, Africa,
Eastern Europe, West Asia, the Far East, Australia and the USA.






“The preferred provider of essential and value
added foods for everyone, everywhere & everyday”






Diversity : Provide equal opportunity by nurturing a multi-cultural,
multinational and gender diverse work force.

Meritocracy : Select, develop and promote employees on the
basis of competence and capabilities.

Safety & Balance : Legislate safe, hygienic and healthy working
conditions. Provide for a healthy work - life balance by defining
time boundaries, meeting time commitments and punctuality.












Personal Integrity : Integrity is best practiced when
responsibilities are discharged in an unbiased, professional and
ethical manner. Open and candid feedback dignifies people and
creates room for improvement. Complaining, criticising, gossiping
and back biting creates conflicts and damages relationships
irretrievably. Honour all commitments.

Policy Integrity : Transparent and uniform compliance to
policies, systems and procedures promotes order and ease
of administration. Not reporting a known violation would mean
complicity in violating Company policy. Ensure security of
Company information. Disclose to relevant people only on ‘a need
to know’ basis.

Fiscal Integrity : Choose suppliers, partners, agents and
employees on capability, cost and merit. Wrongful claims,
authorisations and representations on financial matters will
amount to fraud and embezzlement. Any other basis will lead to
compromised outcomes and will be construed as a breach of
trust. Comply with the laws of the land.







Continuously benchmark with ‘Best in Class’ approaches and
companies in order to build and surpass global standards
of quality, cost and performance across business units and
geographies. Focus on continuous improvement, doing things
right the first time and eliminate wastage in the buy, make and
deliver work flow processes.

Passionately encourage newer and innovative ways of doing
work, creating products and services and delivering value to






Consumers are the reason for us being in business and it is
the consumer who creates wealth for the Company. Delivery
mechanisms must ensure a continuous flow and availability of our
products and services. Utilise intelligence, capabilities, insights,
innovation and energies to create high quality products and
services that delight the consumer.






A large multi product, multi national corporation such as ours can
be successful and sustainable only with a spirit of ownership.

Taking responsibility and initiative and consider people, capital
and assets entrusted as one’s own.

Building a sense of purpose and mission by setting stretch goals,
inspiring teams and challenging the way things are, to develop
more effective ways of collaboration and problem solving.

Recognising, rewarding, retaining and exciting meritorious




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